5 Biggest Benefits To Using Video Marketing

There are a ton of ways to market your business online, to get clients in front of your products and services. To fully benefit from the power of the Internet, we need to try and capitalize on as many traffic sources as possible. For this blog post we will focus on the benefits of video marketing and how it can help YOU drastically improve your results. Make sure to check this video out on how to create quality white board videos that will boost your ROI and click through rate.

1. A Hungry Audience

Video sharing websites like Youtube, Vimeo etc have insane amounts of traffic each and every day, with people looking for anything and everything. Some want entertainment, some want news, some want to learn how to do certain things themselves. For every type of business out there you can create video presentations of your products, services, informative how-to videos etc. Find your hungry audience and they will reward you with views, clicks and sales.

2. Get Easy Leads

If you are looking to increase your email subscriber list, what better way to do it than with free traffic from quality videos on topics people want to know more about. You can always research into things people are interested in related to your niche, and create quality videos, leaving a link back to your landing page.

3. Build a Relationship

Once you start building a following, you also cultivate a relationship with them. You can and should create new videos on a regular basis to get them used to come back to your channel. Get them to subscribe and you’re building a following and getting them accustomed to quality offers and content. This is how you gain trust and earn loyal long lasting customers you can sell to multiple times.

4. Easily Shareable

Videos are so easy to share and follow. People prefer to watch a video than to read a lengthy article. Make it easy to watch and to understand, and reap all the benefits from the video getting shared to potentially thousands and tens of thousands of new customers.

5. Long Lasting

Once you create a video, it’s there to stay (unless it’s breaking any terms of use). So you could potentially benefit from one video for months and years to come. What can be more beneficial than working on something once, and it bringing customers to you and your business forever?

Videos are a great way to promote your business. If you’re not doing video marketing right now, you’re missing out. Your competition is doing it, it’s time to get yourself in front of YOUR audience and start building that mutually beneficial relationship.

6 Good Youtube Marketing Practices

Marketing on Youtube has become common practice for offline business owners and Internet marketers alike. To get the best results from our video marketing efforts, we need to take several things into consideration. Through good Youtube marketing practices we will maximize our efforts and the results will be accordingly. So let’s take a look at the best Youtube marketing practices we can enforce.

Develop A Strategy

Simply creating random videos won’t do. Sure, you’ll get some views and some traffic for your websites, but are you really maximizing traffic opportunities? You need a clear strategy going forward. How many videos are you going to create per month? What type of videos are you putting out? Is Your target audience interested in what videos you are planning to make? What type of results are you aiming for with your new videos? These are questions you need to answer before starting to put out videos. Having a goal and a clear strategy will help you maximize results.

Know Your Audience

Not knowing your audience can be your downfall. Look on related videos in your niche and check what people are talking about. Look on social media, on forums and online message boards in your niche to develop a real understanding of the issues and interests your audience has. Then and only then can you actually create content, products and services that they’ll line up to watch, subscribe to and purchase.

Don’t Make Ultra Long Videos

People nowadays don’t have long attention spans. If you create an unpolished 30 minute video with a lot of fluff and very slow pace, they’ll never watch it all the way through. Try to keep your videos short, sweet and to the point. Offer quality advice and information that is easy to follow and understand. You’ll get more viewers to finish your videos, like them and share them on other social media platforms. This is how you get videos viral.

Make Videos Fun

Making videos fun is a great way to keep people engaged and to actually watch all the way through. Whiteboard animations are a great way of explaining a topic in detail with visual aids, in a fun engaging way. Also look for royalty free background music, and create content in a way that is easy to follow.

Don’t Create Too Many Videos

You don’t need to spam new videos every day. When your following grows and you have people actually demanding daily videos, then it’s fine to do it. But until that day comes, create maybe 1-2 videos per week. Focus on QUALITY, not QUANTITY!

Upload To More Video Sharing Websites

Most individuals only upload to YouTube because it’s the biggest video sharing website available. But there are tens of others who still have insane amounts of traffic that you can benefit from. If you’re not uploading to other networks, you’re basically missing out on extra traffic, extra followers, extra income. And you don’t want to be doing that don’t you? 🙂

Follow this advice to get better results from your video marketing efforts!

Questions About Whiteboard Animations Answered

You’ve likely seen a whiteboard video animation before, as they’re all over YouTube. Their popularity has definitely grown in the past few years, and the reason is simple: they work great at grabbing attention and making people watch the entire video. So in short, they bring in better results than regular videos.

You may be having questions about whiteboard animation videos, as they can seem quite tough to produce and master. So in this post we’ll look to alleviate some of your concerns, and show you that not only are whiteboard videos highly beneficial to your business, they aren’t that hard to produce.

Why Use A Whiteboard Animation?

They are great for creating informative videos. Think of them as visual how to videos, or visual explanatory videos that literally paint the picture for the viewer about a certain topic. The best way to teach someone something, is to show them, and this type of animation achieves just that. They can also be quite entertaining and fun to watch, and making your content fun will always attract viewer-ship.

Isn’t Creating Whiteboard Animations Expensive And Complicated?

It used to be. Before this technique became so mainstream, you had to hire a professional to create the video for you, and it could cost you up to several hundreds of dollars per video. And you can still hire professionals now (and you should) but it’s not nearly as expensive today as it used to be. The reason is this: with more demand, people have gotten really good at creating these. Quality video creating software is also available for anyone who wants to create whiteboard videos themselves.

Where To Start?

First you need to know what your content is going to be. For every video you need to do proper research into various topics in your niche until you decide on a subject that’s worth making into a video. Then you can either create the video yourself, or have someone do it for you. The good news is, you can now create quality whiteboard videos for as little as $5 if you visit a marketplace like Fiverr.com, where you can hire professionals for cheap.

Or you can purchase whiteboard video software that offers drag and drop options and allows you to create the video yourself. You might have to deal with a small learning curve, but in the end you’ll learn how to make videos yourself, and that’s a great quality to have.

You can also learn more about whiteboard animations and after effects by watching YouTube videos on the topic. Any free information is great information!

Hopefully we’ve answered your most burning questions about this issue. It’s time now for you to fully use the power of whiteboard animations to create videos that attract viewers and customers to your business. Good luck!